Lessons From A Ladybug: St. John De LaSalle Catholic Academy Students Create A Book Celebrating Differences

CHICAGO (CBS) — A group of Chicago kindergartner and pre-kindergarten students created a book they hope inspires everyone to embrace their differences.

The pre-k students at St. John De LaSalle Catholic Academy in the Rosemoor neighborhood wrote the book “Lilly the Spotless Ladybug” and both pre-k and kindergarten classes illustrated it under the direction of their teachers, Denise King and Mary Pat Bertrand.

The book is about a ladybug who never got her spots, and even though she’s different, she celebrates it and realizes despite differences everyone in life is the same.

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot was honored to have a dedication in the book marking her time volunteering in one of King’s classes 19 years ago in Englewood.