More Than 2,700 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases In Illinois, The Largest One-Day Number To Date

CHICAGO (CBS) — Friday marked the largest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state with 2,724 people testing positive for the coronavirus.

Dr. Ngozki Ezike of the Illinois Department of Heath confirmed the number and added that 108 people died from the coronavirus. She said the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases for the state hovers over 39,000.

“We have flattened the curve. We have lowered the number of lives lost,” Ezike said. “I encourage people to remain vigilant. We will get through this. We will do that by staying at home, by wearing masks when outside. Washing our hands, and cleaning frequently touched surfaces.”

Governor JB Pritzker discussed the importance of testing and how more people are getting results with more facilities and areas being open to take the general public.

“We are making progress toward increased testing across the board. Last week when we focus our conversation on testing, we had tested 5,660 people in the preceding 24 hours. Wednesday and Thursday, we surpassed 9,000 tests. Today we met our goal of 10,000 daily test. In fact, we surpassed it with (over) 16,000,” Pritzker said.

Pritzker added that the overall positive rate for Friday is about 17%, it’s below the cumulative average of 21%.

“It is too early to say what they’re this is a result of testing or an indicator flattening the curve, but it is a positive sign, nonetheless, when more people are getting tests.”

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